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At Kids 1st Childcare & Learning Centre we believe that play is a child's most powerful learning medium.

We offer opportunities for your child to extend their interests, through exploration, discovery and learning.  We allocate a primary caregiver to your child, as a loving and caring relationship must be built between the child and parent or caregiver to develop optimum neuron connections and develop the brain pathways.

We provide stimulating experiences in all senses in an environment adundant in language.  We provoke moments of discovery and learning through the provision of inviting and changing environments which also stimulate and challenge your child.

To extend our eldest children we provide a Nature Programme whereby we take them on fortnightly excursions in to the natural environment, invoking inspiration, awe and wonder and inviting learning physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.  Developing important dispositions for life.


Our Philosophy

We will provide a safe, caring and fun, multi-sensory, predictable learning environment, where positive guidance promotes the individual learning styles, interests and needs of each child.

In partnership with family/whanau and the wider community, we will encompass the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whaariki in our programme of learning and development.

Children learn through social interaction and play.  We provide self-discovery, supported learning experiences to encourage the growth of children’s self-esteem and a sense of belonging which will build a bridge to their holistic success in life.